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could] be willing to offer him credit and he went on the internet to apply.  After a certain amount of scanning and faxing documents to the finance company £350 arrived in his bank account, enough for his new tyres and the removal truck and storage charges.  Everything went well until his pay day when the payday Jengaloans company took £437.50 from his account.  He was able to pay his rent for his bed-sit, put some diesel in his van and then he was back to his zero bank balance.

After a friend of his expressed his anger with Dave continually smoking his cigarettes and using his phone credit, Dave decided he was sick of having no money.  Dave made a quick telephone  call and the pay day loans company were all too willing to lend him £500.  Happy for their "help" Dave was able to have a couple of nights out and buy his own fags.  His pay day came round again and £625 was removed from his account.  Also, a couple of months ago he was stupid enough to give his visa debit card number to the debt collector that had [purchased

Payday loans no credit check
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September 29, 2011